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Tinsel   "new colours Lime and White"

Glook specialises in traditional display tinsel garland, supplying a wide selection of beautiful shiny colours in a range of thicknesses and lengths. By manufacturing locally, we can make to order in any thickness or length you require. Our tinsel garland is used throughout Australia in shopping centres, supermarkets and department stores as part of their traditional Christmas decorations.

Our tinsel garland is chosen for its quality, brightness, durability and strength. Its thickness and bounce comes from the traditional layer method of manufacture. The Christmas tinsel will comfortably hold a 150 or 250mm plastic bauble.

With a rich lustre to catch and reflect light, Glook's tinsel garland is the perfect choice for static Christmas decorations.

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Glook's baubles are specifically designed for display use and are available in a wide range of vibrant colours. Our baubles are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, and will even survive the occasional bounce on the floor!

Glook carries a wide range of sizes including 40mm, 60mm, 100mm, 150mm, 250mm and 400mm diameters. Larger sizes can be made to order.

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Bauble gloss 150mm Gold

Barcode : 3018/150-GO

Quantity : 199

Bauble gloss 150mm Green

Barcode : 3018/150-GRN

Quantity : 200

Bauble gloss 150mm Red

Barcode : 3018/150-R

Quantity : 190

Bauble gloss 150mm Silver

Barcode : 3018/150-S

Quantity : 600

Bauble gloss 200mm Gold

Barcode : 3018/200-GO

Quantity : 174

Bauble gloss 200mm Green

Barcode : 3018/200-GRN

Quantity : 196

Bauble gloss 200mm Red

Barcode : 3018/200-R

Quantity : 199

Bauble gloss 200mm Silver

Barcode : 3018/200-S

Quantity : 588

Bauble gloss 60mm Burgundy

Barcode : 3017-Bu

Quantity : 0

Bauble gloss 60mm Gold

Barcode : 3017-Go

Quantity : 0

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