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Tinsel flutter

Tinsel flutter or tinsel fetti creates an exciting visual spectacle when it's time to celebrate! Glook has supplied tinsel flutter for game shows, closing ceremonies and many other special events. Tinsel flutter is fantastic fired from a special effects cannon, dropped from overhead nets or in exploding balloons.

Our tinsel flutter comes in several sizes including 20 x 60mm and 35 x 35mm, and a large range of colours including silver, gold, red, green, royal blue and purple.

Sold by the kilogram, tinsel flutter is ideal for any party or celebration. If you are feeling creative, try mixing different sizes and colours together to create a magnificent visual display.

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Fetti T 20 x 60mm red

Barcode : T2060R

Quantity : 9

Fetti T 20 x 60mm silver

Barcode : T2060S

Quantity : 2

Fetti T 35 x 35mm blue

Barcode : T3535BLU

Quantity : 0

Fetti T 35 x 35mm gold

Barcode : T3535GO

Quantity : 0

Fetti T 35 x 35mm green

Barcode : T3535GRN

Quantity : 0

Fetti T 35 x 35mm purple

Barcode : T3535PUR

Quantity : 0

Fetti T 35 x 35mm red

Barcode : T3535R

Quantity : 0

Fetti T 35 x 35mm silver

Barcode : T3535S

Quantity : 0

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