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Tinsel curtain

Glook has a wide range of tinsel curtain or metallic curtain.
Ideal for adding depth and movement to any static visual display, and
creating bright, colourful back-drops for concerts and stage props.

Our metallic tinsel curtain has double sided lustre, and
is available in a large range of colours with a variety of drops up to 6.2 metres (20 feet).

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Tinsel streamers

Glook has an array of metallic tinsel streamers, available in a range of sizes and colours.
Our special effects customers re-roll our streamers to smaller sizes for use in air cannons and pyrotechnic displays.
Tinsel streamers are a stunning, colourful addition to any event setting!

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Glook also specialises in tinsel garland. To find out more about our extensive range please visit the christmas section

metallic products Search results

100mm Purple Star

Barcode : FBS100PUR

Quantity : 100

100mm Red heart

Barcode : FBH100R

Quantity : 100

100mm Red star

Barcode : FBS100R

Quantity : 100

100mm Shamrock Green

Barcode : FSHAM04

Quantity : 0

100mm Silver heart

Barcode : FBH100S

Quantity : 100

100mm Silver star

Barcode : FBS100S

Quantity : 200

110mm Xmas tree Gold

Barcode : FLXTGO

Quantity : 0

110mm Xmas tree Green

Barcode : FLXTGRN

Quantity : 0

110mm Xmas tree Red

Barcode : FLXTR

Quantity : 0

110mm Xmas tree Silver

Barcode : FLXTS

Quantity : 0

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