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Glook has a rich and exciting history stemming back to its inception in 1966. Our company took its name from the 'The Glook Doll' - a fuzzy ball of acrylic fibre with distinctive eyes and two black feet. The Glook Doll, with its bright colourful hair that could be combed in any style, became a favourite toy for many young children and adults throughout the world.

The Glook Doll was developed and manufactured in Leeds, Great Britain in the 1960's and when it first went on sale in Britain it sold as many as 75 000 units per week. We were licensed to sell the Glook Doll in Australia.

In its early days, Glook (Australia) had a proud history of designing and supplying Christmas display and street decorations. Our records reveal that nearly every regional town and capital city in eastern Australian were Glook customers from 1967 to 1985. The Christmas 1968 cover of Walkabout magazine carries the 1967 Melbourne Christmas decorations stretching from Queen Street to Spring Street, designed and supplied by Glook (Australia).

After the 1960's, banners and flags have taken a special place in the Glook historical archives. Photographs reveal that over the years many diverse contracts have been undertaken, from the banners provided for the opening of the Sydney Opera House, to street banners for the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations.

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