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Glook has recently expanded its range to include novelty masks. Our range of animal masks will be released mid year and are perfect for school productions and children's parties.

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Pom poms

For many years Glook have stocked a low cost tinsel pom pom. By popular demand, we are increasing our range to include a selection of colourful and bright budget plastic pom poms.

Pom poms are ideal for all sporting events including swimming carnivals, football and basketball games.

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480mm Plastic Flower

Barcode : NF1003

Quantity : 8634

blue pom-poms

Barcode : 9340640000512

Quantity : 1416

Frog Clickers

Barcode : 9340640000215

Quantity : 206

Green pom-poms

Barcode : 9340640000505

Quantity : 1415

Orange pom-poms

Barcode : 9340640000482

Quantity : 1436

Red pom-poms

Barcode : 9340640000475

Quantity : 1414

White pom-poms

Barcode : 9340640000468

Quantity : 1434

Yellow pom-poms

Barcode : 9340640000499

Quantity : 1420

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